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Due to the current climate, the world is adapting daily. This is including the impact on supermarkets, due to the rush of people panic buying. As the demand hightens, the more supermarkets are changing in ways to deliver what they can to the public. Organisations such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s are doing numerous things in order to try and help the vulnerable, their own staff, and the general public looking for their weekly shop. 


Supermarkets are urging people to begin to shop fairly as they try their best to accommodate other people’s needs. Four of the biggest Supermarket chains; Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrissons and Asda are all putting brand new rules in places within their stores to help prevent such a vast loss in stock. 


All 4 supermarkets are looking to prevent the increase of panic buying. In doing this, many stores have put restrictions on how many of the same item customers can buy. Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrissons have all put a number on the amount of an item you can buy. Tesco and Sainsburys have both put a restriction to only 3 items per customer, Sainsburys have extended this and put a restriction on only 2 high demand items, such as toilet roll and soap. Morrisons have also put restrictions on items that are in demand whereas ASDA have asked that customers treat the store with respect and only buy what they need. 


Some stores have reserved times specifically for the elederly and to those vulnerable to the current pandemic. Tesco and Sainsbury’s are both opening stores an hour early for these people only. This is designed to allow the elder and vulnerable to have first dibs on all grocery items, and to be at less risk of other people who have not been self isolating. On this note, both Tesco and Sainsbury’s are making their click and collect processes more appropriate for the circumstances and are asking people to collect their shopping from the carpark in order to prevent them socialising near strangers and to help them continue their self isolation process. Deliveries have also become increasingly popular with most of the population beginning to self isolate. Those aged over 70 and anyone with underlying health problems now have access to priority booking and can be guaranteed their groceries.


Tesco have also been cutting opening times on their 24 hour stores, and now every store across the country open from 6am till 10pm. This is to ensure that all staff members are feeling energised and can work as efficiently as possible ready to feed the nation. 


Stores are also encouraging people to shop online so that there are less people in store, and many stores are now taking away all of their multi-buy promotions so that there is less reason to come into the store and discover the different promos. As well as this, for those of you who are shopping in stores, supermarkets have put in place strategies such as card payments only, and distancing at every checkout in order to prevent any kind of contamination. 


The overall message from every store is to only buy what you need and take the correct precautions. Every store is putting the public first and trying their best to accommodate our needs. The best thing we can do is say thank you. We are all in this together and there is plenty of food to go round!