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IMPACT is an e learning solution to support towards achieving Outstanding Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare for your learners.


We understand the pressure and demands that providers face and have designed IMPACT with you in mind. IMPACT has been developed by Ofsted inspectors and Neuroscientist to meet the outstanding grade descriptors around the Prevent Agenda, Safeguarding, and British Values as stipulated by Ofsted.

IMPACT provides your organisation with a new type of educational experience with real time assessment including all teaching, learning and assessment resources with no marking required by the facilitator. It is a cloud based system and allows learners to access live content on all platforms.

Benefits of IMPACT

  • Supports the delivery of PDBW.
  • Supports 20% off the job training.
  • Learners progress is tracked.
  • Web Based and accessible on all platforms.
  • No marking required.
  • Psychometric assessment of your learners.
  • Resources and lesson plans provided.
  • Real time – Consistently updated units with current affairs.
  • Can be used for individual, group and distance learning.
  • Accredited and non accredited option available.
  • Bespoke units available for your organisation.
  • Can be fully branded as your organisation.
  • Supports with the teaching of sensitive subjects.
  • All assessment and learning is delivered online.


STEP 1: Learners watch video content about topics they face in today’s society.
STEP 2: Learners answer questions on this content.
STEP 3: Instant feedback is then given to the learner at the end of each unit if they have passed.
STEP 4: Additional support is given if the learner fails to complete the unit.

All learning and assessment takes place via the learning platform with a dashboard to track progress of learners.

Once all modules have been completed and authenticated, learners will receive certification. IMPACT can be delivered in a number of ways to suit your learners, via one to ones, group tutorials and enrichment programmes.

  • British Values
  • Radicalisation
  • Online Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Racism
  • FGM
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship

There are a total of 33 units. The core modules are supported by fully incorporated teaching, learning and assessment materials.