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Scott Riddell

Where do I start with this, at the beginning I suppose.

The SCCU story began in 2010 as most company stories do, working from my bedroom at my mum’s whilst holding down a full-time and part-time job. It was from there that we started out by delivering physical education and wellbeing within primary schools. Our Roadmap

The reason being I needed to earn enough money to support my mum, myself and my future family and everyone I care about. It turns out I actually care about everyone and want to help this World. Some might say I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with that, but I love a challenge and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.

I am obsessed with personal development and understanding all I can about human’s and this world. We are the most interesting topic we will ever learn about and personal discovery eclipses all others.

A college lecturer of mine said that I had a thirst for knowledge, he saw something in me that I certainly didn’t at that age. But he was bob on, I have so much knowledge now and cant get enough of it (obsessed), some is pretty useless but some can be quite useful at times.

Another standout school report said: If he put as much effort into his school work as he does his football he would be a genius haha. Turns out our teachers see more in us than we realise. Not that I am a genius, far from it, but more about the effort and where we channel it.

What SCCU has given me and all the amazing people that work with me is a platform for good, a platform for change, so that we can leave this world a better place and help as many people as we can. After all your life’s purpose is your message and this is mine.

We have created an ecosystem of education where everything grows everything, an environment to discover and learn together and to be the best you can be. A global university of education. After all, none of us are as clever as all of us. That was in a fortune cookie I had around my girlfriends house when I was 16, how poignant that’s turned out to be ha. No such thing as coincidences hey.

Just a side note, to address the question on everybody’s mind… what on earth does SCCU stand for? … Well the truth be told I couldn’t think of a name, so an acronym was suggested by my mum of the customers we supported at the time … Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Universities and that’s when SCCU was hatched.

But on second thoughts, I’ve never been keen on that, so how about… Scott’s, Carefully, Created, Universe … that’s got more meaning to it, lets roll with that.

As an organisation we want to be the Jam in your donut, the butter to your bread, the ying to your yang, your go to for your education and personal discovery.

Scott Riddell - CEO