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SCCU Group Governance

Our governance ensures we achieve our company purpose.


People exist at every level of business. They are the founders, the board, the stakeholder and consumer and the outside world. People are those who determine a purpose to work towards, develop a consistent process to achieve it, evaluate performance and outcomes, and use those outcomes to grow themselves and others as people.

Our organisation is built on people and their qualities. We believe it all starts with good people and investing in their development and wellbeing. 


Every piece of governance exists for a purpose and to achieve our purpose. The ‘for’ is the guiding principle of our organisation. Our mission statement. Every one of our policies and projects exist to further this agenda. All governance contributes to making the business effective at achieving its stated purpose.


The process is developed by analysing performance. Our processes are refined over time in order to consistently achieve our purpose, and we always take a critical eye to our governance processes. Ensuring we are checked and challenged by critical friends and have an ongoing feedback loop.

Can they be streamlined? Are they efficiently achieving their purpose? It takes work to make processes function, but once they do they continuously help us to grow as a company.


Performance analysis is a key skill in any industry. The ability to look at the results of a process and determine whether it was successful (or successful enough), and then applying those findings to the rest of our organisation, is one of the primary functions of our governance process.

We use these results to develop personal skills, both our own and our coworkers’, the cycle revolves endlessly.