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Interview tips 

When speaking to learners, a lot of them say that the bit they find most daunting about securing an apprenticeship is the interview (especially if it’s their first.) The pressure of making a good first impression is quite often so much that  learners will forget to educate themselves on interview etiquette.

Don’t go unprepared to an interview; employers will pick up when you’re unprepared and it may come across as a lack of enthusiasm. You want to ensure you’re showing off your best, so here are our five top interview tips to help you be prepared.

  1. Research the prospective company. Make sure you know what the business does and what your role will be, the company’s history and, where possible, the team. Understanding the business will make you more confident when answering questions, especially about why you want to work there. 
  2. Prepare questions. Having some questions prepared shows your serious intent about the role. Employers will usually ask if you have any questions, and if you reply ‘no, not really’ they may conclude that you haven’t done your research, or you’re not really interested in the company or role. 
  3. Pre-plan your route. Do a test run, get it up on your maps or check the bus routes, being late to an interview is unacceptable! Always aim to be there 10 minutes before your interview, for your piece of mind and to show diligence.
  4. Look the part. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Most interviews will be formal: trousers or skirt and a shirt is ideal. However, some interviews, for example for a role relating to sport or coaching, may require you to run a small session. In this case, a suit and tie wouldn’t be appropriate; make sure you think about this and check with the interviewer. As an additional tip, DON’T CHEW GUM.
  5. The handshake. If the interviewer shakes your hand, keep it firm and confident!

Every interview is different, but if you follow these five general tips, your interviews should run smoothly. Always be as confident and inviting as possible in your interview and just be you!

Now you have 5 top-tips for interviews, make sure you secure yourself an interview for your dream apprenticeship by searching our vacancies at