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SCCU is trying to change that

There are many terrifying statistics around the mental health of our children and young people, and with the ever-increasing pressures they face, the rates of reported mental health cases also rise. 

In 2004, 1 in 10 5-15 year olds had a diagnosable mental health condition, in 2017 this increased to 1 in 9, if we include all our young people (5-19 year olds) this again increases, meaning 1 in 8 have a mental health condition. Even more concerning than the number of children and young people that have mental health conditions is the lack of support for them. Statistics from 3 different sources highlight the lack of support:

  • Its estimated that only 25% of people with mental health conditions receive specialist support
  • Two thirds of young people couldn’t find support when they needed it
  • 75% of young people said they had to manage their own mental health, and only 17% of those managing their own mental health felt  confident in doing so 
  • Only 10% of GPs were confident that a referral to CAMHS would be helped

We work with over 250 young learners at SCCU, and these statistics make sobering reading. We are passionate about giving young people support to be the best they can be and realised we actually needed to do more to really the mental wellbeing of our learners and staff. 

After many conversations and research on the best way to achieve this, we are delighted to launch a comprehensive Student Support and Wellbeing Service. This support is available to all our learners and offers a number of different services which are available around the clock. 

Some of the assistance being offered include:

  • Online and telephone mental health information
  • Telephone counsellors
  • Telephone dispute resolution support
  • Specialist help on topics such as personal legal information, financial information and debt counselling and guidance. 

As a competent employer, the wellbeing and mental health of anyone you to whom you have a duty of care should be at the forefront of your mind. Simple steps can be taken to show your staff that you care.

Be the change that is needed to help squash these statistics. 

To find out more about working with SCCU, just visit our website