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473,000 young adults are currently unemployed in the UK, which is a staggering number. This leaves most 16-24 year olds without work, or any job experience. SCCU can change that. Here, our young students are bucking the trend, and finding their passion whilst learning. We provide our students with the opportunity to find what they love and be paid at the same time. Motivating our students to be the best they can be, we support all factors of the process: students, tutors and the business provider. 


Apprenticeships provide another option for students not looking to go to College or University. Students who start with us from 16 have the chance to continue and achieve up to the equivalent of a Masters and Bachelors degree. Not only do we enable students to achieve the highest levels, but we also help them in finding their passion. We welcome anyone of any age to join our apprenticeship scheme, as long as you are over sixteen! If you’ve worked in a job you don’t enjoy and wish to pursue your dream, it’s not too late! SCCU have opportunities for learners of all ages.


When students come to us looking for their placement, we aim to make it as simple a process as possible. Young adults can find getting into employment daunting and intimidating. SCCU aims to make each student feel comfortable with everything they do. The statistics regarding unemployment highlight the increasing amount of young adults, ranging from school leavers to the age of 24, who are not getting into employment. SCCU provides employment along with a qualification, local to the West Midlands, allowing people to find a job that’s best suited to them.


From a previous Case Study, SCCU were able to help our students with finding their future career; “ I began working towards my Junior Content Production qualification but realised after 6 months that it was not something I was passionate about pursuing a career in.” Hope began her journey working towards a Content Production role. She was able to identify she was losing interest and SCCU found her a placement more suited to her in Business Administration. “SCCU advised me not to continue on a course that I no longer enjoyed and were hugely supportive when helping me explore alternative opportunities. I swapped onto a Business Administration course which appealed to me.” Supporting our students in their journey to discovering their dream career is our priority, we want our students to be happy in their chosen workplace. 


Another previous student told us how she felt about her Content Producing course; “I genuinely can’t fault this course, each day I am learning something new, which keeps me engaged. I love how creative you can get with content and learning the back end of the website.” This feedback presents how impressive our course is, it also provides the learner with new skills and knowledge, preparing them to go into their next job. “I picked SCCU because they make me feel so comfortable, they support me 100%. If I’m unsure on something I know my tutor is only a phone call away. They break down each topic well making my tasks so much clearer to complete.” Being there for students and supporting them throughout the course is a huge factor SCCU in achieving full student satisfaction. We aim to support learners to the stage they want to be in their career, enabling them to reach their dream jobs. “My apprenticeship has benefited me massively. It is helping me reach my dream job. It has given me a focus and something to strive for.” Making a change in a young person’s life and providing them with the chance to make a difference is what we work towards. 


To learners looking for something to do, post graduate – SCCU will accommodate! Unemployment is increasing, university is not for everyone, SCCU Apprenticeships are your answer!