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Taking on an apprentice can develop your business. Not only will it grow the business, but it will grow your employees to become better. 

1.Apprentices will deliver 

90% of businesses enjoyed the tangible benefits of hiring an apprentice. Apprentices are able to improve their skills, service, morale and productivity and adapt those to different tasks. This has been an ongoing feedback point as a direct benefit of taking on an apprentice. On average, an apprentice is estimated to increase productivity by £214 a week! That doesn’t include the gains you could get such as increased profitability and efficiency. 


2. Mould your perfect employee!

You can grow your business through apprenticeships! An apprenticeship offers an organisation the ability to grow their own talent and mould their perfect employee. Apprenticeships can develop an employee’s skills and keep them motivated, even when they are qualified for their job role. Having a small start-up business and bringing in apprentices is not only a cost-effective way of building up your business, but it also means that they will be dedicated to the job if they want it to develop into their career. Not only does this build a sense of loyalty, but it means they are dedicated to the job and are motivated to make it a success, which is huge to someone looking for an apprentice who is running only a small start-up company.


3. There’s an Apprentice for every industry!

Hiring an apprentice will build on the skills needed for your business’ future. Apprenticeships cover almost 200 different industries and up to 1,500 job roles. These vary from advertising to youth work, environmental engineering and nuclear decommissioning.  Whatever industry your business is based in, there is likely to be an apprentice suited to you! If you were looking to work with someone and progress them to become a long standing member of the organisation, you could even put them on a higher level apprenticeship, training them to be put onto a degree level apprenticeship within the industry. These courses provide the apprentice with courses that give them skills that are crucial for the company’s growth. Putting your apprentice onto these courses can further their loyalty to the organisation as well as making them a great all-round employee.


4. Build better relationships with partners

Apprentices have the ability to breed loyalty with customers and partners. Many large businesses appreciate other organisations that take on young learners and provide them with an opportunity such as an apprenticeship. In having this, it will strengthen both business’ relationships, developing further business growth. Supporting apprentices and young learners reflects well on a business and provides them with new opportunities.


5. Financial benefits

Any businesses that take on, or are considering taking on an apprentice receive financial help. The government will provide a grant to those who employ apprentices aged 16-18. Employers can gain up to five grants in order to cover any costs of starting with a new apprentice as each one is worth £1,000. Small and mid-sized businesses receive from the National Apprenticeship Service throughout the apprenticeship programme. The grant is designed to help businesses recruit 16-18-year-olds through the apprenticeship scheme.