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There are many benefits to an apprenticeship. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we thought we’d list the 10 best things about our apprenticeships! 

1.When you think about the main advantages of an apprenticeship, everyone thinks about the money! A huge advantage of doing an apprenticeship is that you earn whilst you learn! For those students struggling to come to terms with the financial aspect of Uni, an Apprenticeship is the perfect alternative because it can offer you the equivalent qualification but you will be earning during the process! For many young adults this is the most appealing part of the apprenticeship scheme as it avoids the debt of university, and even gives you a chance to earn! 

2.  Apprenticeships also hold all levels of qualifications. You can achieve up to a Masters/Bachelors degree with an Apprenticeship. For students and other learners who feel unsure on a University course and don’t know if university is for them, an apprenticeship can offer the perfect alternative. Providing this choice, learners have the opportunity to opt out of the traditional learning route and take a more work based learning choice, suiting them more to be the best they can be. 

3. Linking to the point above, an apprenticeship provides a varied style of learning. An Apprenticeship is not solely exam based, there is a lot of varied learning involved. As well as having and maintaining a full time job, at SCCU we provide the apprenticeship with a tutor who will tailor themselves around you. This means that each learner who joins SCCU is assigned a tutor that tailors themselves to the student. This makes it easier for learners to focus on their work as well as their apprenticeship work. 

4. Experience is highly valued by many employers. Having an apprenticeship provides you with the best of both worlds. Not only do you achieve a highly respected qualification, but you also achieve experience in working in the appropriate working environment. This benefits you in future employment, as not only are you equipped with the skills to do the job, but you also have the personal skills to integrate well into a team and be a good member of a workforce. Having this great start to work life and gaining these skills will set you up for life and will be skills you will need in any industry you go into. 

5. There is an apprenticeship for everyone. SCCU provides apprenticeships in; Teaching, Sports, Marketing, Content Producing, Sales, HR, Recruitment, Business Admin and Customer Services. There is a wide array of options for anyone looking into going into a Business based industry. However, if you are interested in other fields, such as construction or manufacturing, there are still apprenticeships out there! Apprenticeships are popular in every sector making them a great alternative for people unsure about going to Uni! 

6. An Apprenticeship also enables the opportunity for an apprentice to stay on with the chosen business and continue their career with them in a full time job. Another possibility is that the chosen business may keep the apprentice on, and choose to upskill them to another level so that the apprentice can gain further qualifications and be increasingly confident in their job role. This opportunity is common for apprentices if they prove themselves at the job and express their passion for the role. However, even if the apprentice is not able to stay on, they are still qualified to do the job elsewhere, and are coming away with a great reference and bundles of experience.

7. As an apprentice, you gain more than just a qualification and job experience. You also gain friends, and meet people working within your chosen industry. Networking yourself early and making your presence in the industry known is great for future job prospects. Having an  awareness and making a good impression whilst gaining your qualification will reflect well on you as a good representative for any business. This is another way an apprenticeship will set you up for life, not only with regards to the skills you gain, but also through the people you meet and the lasting impressions you leave. 

8. Personal Development skills are another element that all apprentices will gain throughout their time during an apprenticeship. As an apprentice, you are being pushed out of your comfort zone and being made to integrate into an environment that you have never been in before. Having this adjustment and learning at the same time, you are able to settle in, as the employer will understand you are still learning. These workplace skills are something many postgraduate students don’t have, and this is where many apprentices succeed because they are one step ahead.

9. A huge attraction to apprenticeships is the financial advantage. Having an apprenticeship can further your CV and improve your personal statement. Compared to someone just completing a degree at university and looking for a job, having an equal qualification but stronger workplace experience, you are more likely to be offered a higher pay. This is a huge advantage for young adults looking for their first job after an apprenticeship. This proves an apprenticeship can be just as beneficial as going to University. 

10. Whilst working as an apprentice, you are guided with friendly and supportive people. Not only does SCCU provide you with a tutor and someone to go to if you feel unsure or uncomfortable, but they provide you with the best placement as well. With businesses that want to support you and make your job as enjoyable an experience as possible, you are going to be given the best start in finding your dream career.