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We wanted to conduct case studies with our learners in order to get a better insight of the apprenticeship experience from the perspective of the people who are in training with us. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our learners about our courses, tutors and experience with SCCU, so we would like to share it with you.

Case Study

Name: Cheryl Brookes

Placement:  Allesley Hall Primary School

Apprenticeship course and level: Teaching Assistant Level 2


Tell us a bit about your apprenticeship – What do you like best about it?

My apprenticeship lasted for 12 months, being an older learner  I wanted to ensure that I could do my job to the best of my ability and this course certainly gave me the knowledge and confidence to do that. 

How did you find your course and why did it appeal to you?

Having been given the opportunity to work as a TA in my school , I had no qualifications at all and I felt the course was perfect for me to guide me  and help me with my role.

The course was going to give me the support that I needed and to have classroom observations by an outside body was very helpful.

Why did you pick SCCU to take your apprenticeship through?

I was having a random conversation with James Pease and he asked where I was working now, after telling him, he told me I would be able to do a course to get a qualification whilst I carried on working.

He came to our school to have a meeting with the Head, Mrs Claire Potts, and she was happy for me to go ahead.

How does your tutor support you?

My Tutor , Sophie, is AMAZING, she has a fantastic way of delivering the course and whenever I have a problem or something that I just do not understand, she has the patience and knowledge to help me; even if it takes several times, she never gives  up, she perseveres.

How are SCCU different?

Because they come into schools to work with you, it makes things so much easier, you can carry on working and fit in the course within your working day.

How do you feel about the future? Do you feel you have a plan and have been supported by SCCU?

I am very excited about the future and I am going to be approaching my school to ask if I can carry on and complete my level 3. I am living proof that you are never too old to learn!

What would you say to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

Go for it! As long as you are willing to put the time and effort in, you will be rewarded.