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What is 20% off the job training?

Along with each course we offer, we also provide a mandatory 20% off the job training section that has to be completed in order to be successful in completing the programme. The 20% off the job is designed to allow the learner to put into practice the skills they gain throughout the apprentice and practice them in other areas of the job that would fall out of their job description to make the candidate a varied, fully skilled employee. 

As an organisation, this can be so beneficial because the employee is not just specialised in their chosen sector, but also has skills in other areas making them a well-rounded worker. 


Does the 20% off the job training scheme vary depending on the Apprenticeship Course?

Your off the job skills will change depending on your chosen course. Although you will be developing skills that are not featured in your job description, you still need to be developing skills that are tailored to your course. 

Therefore, if you are doing an apprenticeship in customer service, your extra 20% skills should be associated with your chosen course of study. Likewise, if you were taking on a Teaching Apprenticeship, your 20% will need to be appropriate for your course. 


How do I achieve 20% off the job training?

Throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, you will be provided with a tutor who will be there to guide and support you throughout the apprentice programme. During each module, your tutor will assist you in completing a sector of your 20% off the job. As a learner, your tutor will provide you with ideas and opportunities to go towards your off the job hours. For example, many organisations will encourage workers to go to exhibitions. If you are taking part in a Customer Service Apprenticeship then this is a great example of the type of thing you could make a part of your 20%.