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World Teachers’ Day – 5th October 

At SCCU Group we are proud to support a huge range of schools within the midlands, providing apprenticeship programmes to help shape the next generation of their organisation.

Growing up, we all have memories of favourite teachers, who helped shape us as individuals, as well as our interests and future career paths. That’s why, on a day like today, ‘World Teachers’ Day’, it’s important to recognise the vital roles Teachers play in influencing and educating young people.

In the current pandemic, Teachers are playing an even more significant role, to ensure students are on track and maintaining some form of normality during the strange times we are facing.

Our belief is that with the right tools, anything is possible. SCCU Apprenticeship’s provide future Teachers with the knowledge and skills needed in order to progress their teaching career and help educate children to the highest possible standard.

Through our range of specialist education and training programmes, we are able to work with schools to deliver engaging learning experiences, where teachers are able to thrive.


“Hats Off  To You”! 

So today, we would like to take the opportunity to say “hats off to you”, to all Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Headmasters et al. Thank you for all the extra hard work, effort and guidance you are providing to all young people during COVID-19.