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When looking at how to recruit, we often get asked ‘why an apprentice?’ 

We hear from a lot of our clients that apprentices have changed their businesses, injecting fresh ideas, passion and a willingness to learn into their dynamic. We spent time recently looking at and reviewing a number of stats and they absolutely reflect this statement.

 So… our answer to the question is: why not?

We’ve always known apprentices are the future, but now we can prove it.

  • The national apprenticeship service has identified 9 main benefits of having an apprentice. 96% of employers with an apprentice said they experienced at least one of the benefits, most said they’d experienced eight. 
  • 86% of employers said that apprentices helped to develop relevant skills, filling current skill gaps within the organisation. 
  • Staff retention seems to be a worry for a lot of employers when looking at recruiting using an apprenticeship, but 69% of employers say that employing apprentices improves staff retention, 65% of apprentices stay working in the company that trained them after their apprenticeship finished.
  •  Apprentices are often keen to learn and prove themselves to their employers and 72% of employers report improved productivity in the workplace. 
  • Apprentices also help with business growth, a quarter of businesses with apprentices are growing rapidly compared to 6% of businesses that don’t employ apprentices

If you’re pondering ways to grow your business and workforce, boost creativity and productivity, improve staff retention or upskill your staff then an apprentice could be the answer. 

The stats speak for themself! Why not get in touch with our friendly team for a no obligation chat?

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