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For everyone, the current climate is bringing a huge amount of uncertainty, which, in turn, is causing lots of people stress and anxiety around the situation. Although SCCU is still currently running as usual, we understand that many customers and learners are concentrating on trying to navigate this time, so we want to share with you some of the main worry points and how you can try and reduce anxieties. 

Some people already have health related anxieties, and Coronavirus may have heightened these; some people will have new anxieties around this. The uncertainty can create a lot of concern, with reduced job security, financial security and a timeline that seems to have no solid end. People have gone from living to surviving. Other things such as fear for loved ones, loneliness, feeling of hopelessness/lack of control and social withdrawal means that mental health is really taking a hit. 

To make it easier, here are some tips to help tackle the anxieties and get through social distancing:

  • Start by focusing on the things you are able to control, your thoughts, behaviours and personal goals that you can achieve now. 
  • Control your news intake; it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world and the latest updates, but over indulging/researching will make things seem worse. This goes for checking your phone: not everything you read is true! 
  • Focus on your ‘bubble’ if you’re in isolation with your family/housemates, make sure you’re keeping the people around you safe, taking the correct steps for yourself. Try not to worry about everyone else and what they’re doing for their own households. 
  • Whilst checking your phone for news or updates too often is not advised for maintaining good mental health, do use your technology to stay connected! Self isolation can be lonely, adding to anxieties. Don’t spend time overthinking, call family, friends and colleges. 
  • Try not let fear influence what you’re doing. Try sticking to a ‘normal routine.’ Although your routine is going to be slightly different, still continue working or studying within your normal hours, even if it is from home.

Although we’re currently working remotely for the health of our learners, customers and staff, we’re still contactable and we want to be able to reassure anyone that has any concerns regarding their apprentice/ apprenticeship during this time. 

To get in contact with us call 02476963969 or email [email protected]