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Not all apprentices are new members of staff. There are many apprenticeships suitable for upskilling current members of staff, including degree apprenticeships.

Apprentices are generally thought to be school leavers beginning careers in chosen industries. Although apprenticeships are ideal for many businesses taking on students leaving school, apprenticeships can also be very valuable for your current members of staff to upskill in a specific field. Identifying a skill gap within your business and providing the appropriate training could improve efficiency and growth within your company.

Here are just a few of many reasons why you should consider upskilling your employees.

Current employees
Apprenticeships are for everyone and where better to start than within your current workforce? Current team members already know your company, policies and ethos. They are already engaging in their specific role and have already developed skills and abilities applicable to the role. Encouraging growth and development within your current workforce could also increase staff morale and retention.

Fresh perspective
Upskilling current team members is a great way to bring fresh a new perspective to your company. Providing training within the specific field will encourage staff to find new ways of thinking, keeping your company informed on current practise. Upskilling does not only benefit the employee and company, it will also influence other members of staff within your business.

Flexible learning
Another benefit of apprenticeships is the flexible learning it offers. Programmes will be tailored to your business, enabling you to adapt practical learning to fit your style of work. Apprenticeships generally consist of 80% on the job training and 20% off the job, this enables the apprentice to have a good balance of practical and academic learning opportunities. As a business you will benefit by having an employee in post, fulfilling duties while also developing in their role.

Opportunities SCCU provide
Here at SCCU we provide a number of apprenticeships which shape and enhance skills in a number of industries including:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Junior Content Producer
  • Business Administration
  • Sales executive
  • HR Support
  • Community Activator
  • Community Sport and Health Activator
  • Early Years
  • Management
  • Facilities Management

Whatever your business’ needs are, we can work with you to update and enhance your employees knowledge and skills, strengthening business effectiveness and encouraging strategic growth.