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Corie started with us back in 2017 doing his PE and School Sports Apprenticeship at Aldermoor Farm Primary School and after achieving this qualification, he has continued to grow his skills set by undertaking a qualification in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. An apprenticeship didn’t fall in Corie’s initial career plan but he couldn’t be more pleased with his decision to become an apprentice.

“The idea of choosing an apprenticeship was one I never considered until someone came to my secondary school to speak to the students about the impact apprenticeships. I liked the idea of working and learning at the same time. I’ve never been a student that has enjoyed studying all the time, I’m more of a hands-on person so the apprenticeship scheme was an easy decision,” says Corie.

One of the most beneficial aspects of apprenticeships is that individuals are able to gain set skills in an environment that works for them. An apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who wants to try something new, productive and alternative to the traditional “sit in front of a whiteboard” approach to education. Corie has excelled in this environment and believes that the skills he has gained from being an apprentice are “endless”.

“The main skill that I have gained is confidence in my ability to deliver the best quality of sessions for the children. This came from observations and consistent feedback to help me improve.”

Not once has Corie felt overwhelmed or unhappy in his role as he has always been given as much support as he may need whether it be from other teachers at the school, his tutor or SCCU as the training provider.

“My PE Co-Ordinator was instrumental in the completion of my sports course, always sharing new ways to improve my lessons. My Tutor from SCCU was fantastic; she was constantly on hand to offer support when needed. SCCU are always open to answering any questions or queries that I may have about the apprenticeship scheme and as a training provider, I couldn’t have asked for any more from them.”

Corie hugely enjoys being able to learn and gain a qualification while in the workplace, stating his experience ‘has been an absolute pleasure’ as the school has made him feel ‘really comfortable and welcome from the start’. Doing an apprenticeship has enabled Corie to get his foot in the door with his employer and due to his enthusiasm to work hard and positive approach to everything he does, the school offered him a full-time position with them.

When asked if he would recommend becoming an apprentice to other people wanting to develop their career, Corie replied:

‘I already have and always will recommend the apprenticeship scheme to others. The opportunities are endless for me due to completing my apprenticeship, its already opened up so many different chances for me and I’m sure it’s going to continue to do the same thing for others. I definitely recommend apprenticeships and always recommend SCCU.’

We have endless apprenticeship opportunities available to those both leaving education and wanting to kickstart their career as well as existing members of staff that want to upskill their career.

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