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We wanted to conduct case studies with our learners in order to get a better insight of the apprenticeship experience from the perspective of the people who are in training with us. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our learners about our courses, tutors, and the learner experience with SCCU, so we would like to share it with you.


Case Study

Name: Abderezak
Name: Mohamed 
Placement: Aston Villa Community Foundation 
Apprenticeship Course and Level: Community Activator Level 2

What Course did you do?

(Zak) I took part in the Community Activator Level 2 course. I have since progressed from this and am now a Health Coach working for Aston Villa as a part of the Aston Villa foundation. 

(Mo) I did the Community Activator Level 2 course, I enjoyed this course a lot as it meant I had the opportunity to be a part of Aston Villa, which I feel really fortunate to have.


How has your course helped with your current job?

(Zak) Being a Health Coach was always my dream, I managed to complete the level 2 apprenticeship and then continue to go on and work with the foundation and achieve my dream job. Completing my course with SCCU has helped me gain knowledge, experience, and develop more skills as well as employability skills. These are valuable skills I need to pursue my dream career. 

(Mo) It has changed my life. I feel more confident, I’ve gone from a shy boy and grown into a confident young man. I find it more comfortable to interact with people, massively helping with my personal progression as well. Before this apprenticeship, I was taking part in a pre-apprenticeship training programme. Being shortlisted and then chosen to get onto this apprenticeship meant I was given the opportunity to continue with the Aston Villa foundation and pursue a career as an Admin Assistant. SCCU also helped me massively.


How did your SCCU tutor support you?

(Zak) Liam was brilliant! Liam was really supportive, whenever I had a question or felt unsure on something, I knew I could just text him and he would always reply as soon as he could. He was really supportive and responsive throughout my time on the course.

(Mo) My tutor Liam was really supportive, he’s fantastic. He was really helpful if I had questions or didn’t understand something, he would always be more than happy to provide me with an answer, no matter what time; I always knew I could email, phone or text him and he would respond as quickly as he could. Whenever we had catch up sessions, he would make sure I was happy with my work and overall happy with my placement. 


We spoke to one of Zak and Mo’s mentors to see how the apprenticeship scheme helped them. Michelle was a mentor to both Zak and Mo. We asked Michelle about the development of the learners and how she feels SCCU has had an impact on the learners and their foundation.


Why choose SCCU?

Having young apprentices on board with our programme has hugely benefited the organisation. Generation Games, and our club arranged for 65+ year olds wouldn’t be as successful without the help of Zak and Mo. They have added so much value to the club and are a massive help to me and the organisation. We have worked with SCCU in the past and have built a good positive relationship with them. Working with them is always a smooth process and they never fail in providing us with good candidates dedicated to learning. 


Do you feel the apprentices have settled well, how have you seen them develop?

Our apprentices have been welcomed in and are well known across the club. We have invested a lot of time into progressing them into who they are today. I think both Zak and Mo have developed personally and educationally, developing their knowledge of the club and their job role. A lot of our apprentices have different backgrounds and life experiences, therefore having different needs and requirements. Each one has improved in terms of delivery, admin work and as a person.