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We were delighted to receive a ‘Good’ rating following our recent Ofsted inspection. For those who do not know, we were established in 2010 and we’ve gone from strength to strength with 345 apprentices placed across the Midlands in a variety of different sectors.

We currently work with over 231 schools and small to national sized businesses across the Midlands, such as Aston Villa, Protocol, Webasto and Nailcote Hall, to name but a few.

The vision of SCCU is to give learners the tools they need to succeed in today’s world  to reach their potential. SCCU feels that too many young people leave school without the necessary skills to equip them with what life has in store.

Too often, the traditional educational route of A levels followed by university is the only option promoted to young people, and that traditional route doesn’t suit everyone. ‘One size doesn’t fit all’.

There is a long standing stigma associated with apprenticeships. The myth that apprenticeships are only available in traditional labouring type trades, such as construction and engineering couldn’t be further from the truth. Now you can learn on the job up to masters level, gaining knowledge, skills and behaviours specific to the industry you are interested in, all whilst earning a living.

SCCU was founded by Scott Riddell. He said, “You really start to  learn in life when you leave school. You find out who you are, how you react in certain situations and what potential you really have to achieve in life. We don’t all learn the same way, and once you get your passion for what  you want, you can begin to thrive.

“We believe that you can learn wherever you like. You do not need to be in a classroom. You can get out there and learn through doing. You can enhance the passion and abilities you have, in a way that  is right for you”.

“It’s great that we are deemed good by Ofsted; as one of our core values is growth and always striving to be better, we look forward to our next inspection and will be striving for an outstanding score. Having our Good rating is great and just really confirms that we are doing a good job. I am so proud of the team and all our learners. Between us, we are changing the landscape and perception of apprenticeships and showing what a fantastic career route it can be”.

If you are looking to start your career, to upskill yourself or take a different route in your career,  why not consider an apprenticeship?

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